Choosing Incontinence Products

For some people, incontinence isn't a constant issue, but is instead more of a nuisance that can even be triggered by sneezes or laughter. For others, incontinence is a full-time problem. No matter how severe the problem, selecting the best protection to meet your unique needs is essential.
Many varieties of incontinence products are available. Before becoming overwhelmed with options, start by considering the following questions:

  • Which product is best for the volume of your problem?
  • Which product feels the most comfortable to wear?
  • How well does one product protect your skin over another?

If you have light incontinence (occasional leaks and dribbles) then washable incontinence pants are a good choice. They look and feel like normal underwear.
However, many people prefer to wear shaped pads which discreetly fit into your own underwear 

There is a wide range of products and devices available for bladder and bowel incontinence that can make life easier for people and enable them to enjoy life

A wide range of products and devices are available for bladder and bowel incontinence. They include pads and pants; bed and chair protection; catheters and penile sheaths; skin care and hygiene products and specially adapted clothing.

For Light Incontinence

If you have occasional leaks or dribbles, then maybe a good option is to use washable incontinence products. These look and feel like normal underwear but have an absorbent pad built into them.

Another option is to wear a pad inside your normal underwear. The disposable shaped pads are convenient to use and also have the benefit of having odour control. 

If you are losing slightly more urine, then pouch pants can provide additional comfort and security. These are washable pants that are designed to hold a shaped pad and they also have elasticated cuffs for additional security.

For Heavier Incontinence

There are a number of different options:-

  • Shaped pads which are designed to be held in place by fixation pants. Shaped pads are great for absorbing urine and offer good security when held in place by fixation pants. However, they can move about (particularly as you move in bed at night) and so an alternative night time solution might be required.    
  • All-In One Pads are held in place by integral tapes on the sides that hold the pad securely in place. They are a great option for less mobile people. They are best applied whilst lying down and the wearer can be assisted by a carer to ensure a secure leak-proof fit. They are not ideal for those people that are more mobile and can use toilets in the standard way.
  • Disposable Pull up pants are pulled up and down, by the wearer, just like normal underwear. They are great for those who are mobile, yet need security and protection of a great incontinence product. They also have side tears for quick and easy removal when required.    

Once you have identified the type of product suitable for your needs it’s important to check you have the right size for a close, comfortable fit and the right level of absorbance for your needs. This might mean using a different level of absorption during the day compared to night time.

You might also find that different products are most suitable for your needs depending on the time of day and the planned activities for that day, it's important to select the correct product for your needs and not just the most absorbent incontinence pad.