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The Apogium website offers a wide range of products to help manage both urinary and faecal incontinence. Our range includes; pants, briefs, knickers, pads plus bed and chair protection.

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    There are two types of incontinence, Urinary and Faecal (or Bowel), however, the condition has many forms and can affect people in all walks of life, male, female, young and old.

    Urinary Incontinence

    Urinary incontinence is when you pass urine unintentionally and if you are unable to control the passing. It is a common condition affection millions of people across the world and although no exact figure is available for UK sufferers, it is though that between 3 - 6 million are affected.

    You can read more about the different types of Urinary Incontinence here.

    Faecal \ Bowel Incontinence

    Faecal or Bowel Incontinence is the leakage of faeces from the rectum and can range from occasional symptoms such as when passing gas or complete loss of bowel control. Obviously this can certainly be more life affecting that urinary incontinence, however, treatments are available and mild symptoms can be successfully treated by simple diet changes or exercising the pelvic floor.

    You can read more about faecal \ bowel incontinence here.