Incontinence doesn’t need to be scary!

25 October 2016

Many of us dread the thought of incontinence and worry about not being able to continue living our daily lives but it doesn’t need to be scary!

There are many great products available to help those with incontinence and modern technology has enabled developments in this market which provide comfort and security to people and help them to maintain their dignity and lifestyle.

So, what is available: -

  • Washable incontinence pants offer a great option for those with mild incontinence. They look and feel like normal underwear but have an absorbent lining to capture leaks. These pants can be washed many times, but they must be air dried as tumble drying is not recommended.

  • Disposable incontinence wear is available for all levels of incontinence. From pant liners for light incontinence to all-in-one pads for heavy incontinence and faecal incontinence, these products are available in styles that are suitable for active people and also those that are less mobile. Many of these items have special odour control and include material designed to wick away moisture.

Choosing the right product for you depends on many things:

  • If you are mildly incontinent then either washable pants or disposable pads will work well. Disposable pads can either be worn with normal underwear or fixation pants.

  • If you are more heavily incontinent or less mobile then the all-in-one disposable range is probably better suited to you.

So have a look at for our range of products that will keep you dry & secure, whatever your needs.

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