How To Easily and Hygienically Dispose Of Male Incontinence Pads

25 July 2017

Although Incontinence is not a fatal illness, it has the potential to be a life changing one.

Many sufferers of this disease lose their confidence, stop going on holiday, or partaking in sport and exercise, and this then can bring about other health issues such as loneliness or depression.

It is important to try to find solutions to deal with the various problems that incontinence throws up, so that you can regain control of your life, and there are thousands of people who have managed to achieve this.

Perhaps the best way of dealing with the various problems is to tackle them as individual issues rather than trying to address a multitude of problems in one go. The best analogy might be along the lines of “How Do You Climb a Mountain?”, with the answer being “one step at a time.”

The Challenges

Challenges Facing Men

Disposable products that assist with incontinence issues have many benefits including;

  • PortabilityDisposable pads are relatively small and light to carry so it makes sense to always take three or four pads in case of accidents.
  • Convenience – Because they are disposable, once used, they do not have to be carried around until you get home, they don’t need to be washed or dried, so they are a low maintenance solution.
  • Hygienic – Once used the product can be thrown away, quickly and with the minimum of fuss. The alternative is to place a wet pair of underpants in a plastic bag and carry that around for the remainder of the day, with all of the difficulties and challenges that presents.

However, with all of that being said, men are presented with a problem that women will not have to face, and that is when away from their home, how and where to dispose of the incontinence pads, once they have been used.

Virtually every ladies public convenience has a sanitary protection disposal receptacle, which provides ladies dealing with incontinence the opportunity to quickly, easily and discreetly dispose of their used pads. Unfortunately Men do not have this option.

Options Available To Men

Despite the fact that men's public toilets do not cater for incontinence product disposal, there are ways to safely dispose of your used pad;

Ask Your Wife or Partner To Assist

If you are enjoying a day out with your wife or partner, then there is always the option to give them the used pads to dispose. They can then visit the ladies and use the sanitary bins provided.

Scented Bags

Scented bags provide a cost-effective, convenient and practical solution. All supermarkets and many stores online sell scented bags that are made from 100 percent recyclable material. Just place the used pads in these bags, and then put the package in a backpack or other type of carrier until you can get to a location where it is suitable to dispose of the entire package.

Providing you have put the pad in one of these bags; there is no reason why you cannot dispose of the bag in a waste disposal bin. The bags will ensure that there is no odour being emitted and as the pads are sealed inside the bag, there is no risk to public health. Often public toilets will have a rubbish bin near the wash basins which is convenient to dispose of pads in bags.

Use The Disabled Toilet Facilities

Disabled Toilet

Although men’s toilets are unlikely to provide sanitary disposal facilities, there are still alternative options. Many shopping centres and public conveniences will have a disabled toilet facility.

Not only is this more likely to have a receptacle to deposit your used pads in but generally speaking they will also be slightly more spacious, which makes the whole changing process quicker and easier as well.

There is no reason to feel guilty or embarrassed about using a disabled toilet facility, as not all disabilities are visible, and anyone suffering from incontinence would be fully entitled to take advantage of these facilities.

Apply For A RADAR Key

To prevent able bodied people from using the facilities specially reserved for people with disabilities many public disabled toilets are permanently locked and can only be opened by using a RADAR key. These keys are issued to members of Radar, which is the disability network.

The benefit of these keys means that there is no need to wait around, and no sense of embarrassment asking staff members to open the toilet for you. The process for buying a key is quick and straightforward, and a key can be purchased online.

Be Prepared For Your Day Out

It’s a good idea to have a small bag packed and ready just to pick up when you are going out. Remember to include your pads, scented bags, RADAR key, wipes and any skin care products you might need. As with anything to do with incontinence, there is no reason why it has to destroy your quality of life.

Provided you plan and consider every eventuality you can retain your independence and continue to enjoy life as you always have done. Just remember there is nothing to be embarrassed about and to keep working hard on your pelvic floor exercises, as this will help to reduce the symptoms and can potentially help you regain bladder control.