Male Incontinence – The Best Products to Help Control

02 October 2017

Apart from the fact that not many people had the internet twenty years ago, and so very few people would have read this article then, the reality is that this content would probably not have been possible to write twenty years ago.

Strange as it may sound, it is only a recent innovation from manufacturers who produce absorbent products, that enabled male and female incontinence and accompanying problems to be treated differently.

Incontinent Male

In 2017, there are numerous aids that have been specifically tailored to solve the issues that men suffer from, and the purpose of this article is to educate and inform readers of the wide variety of products that are available on the market today.

One of the worst habits that men have (and I write this as a man) is that we will research to the nth degree, the latest cars, phones or other gadgets, but we will not invest the same amount of time and effort into our health and comfort.

It is 2017, and due to a number of different reasons, many men are dealing with the complications of incontinence. There is no reason to suffer in silence, focus your energies on finding the best male incontinence products for you as an individual.

There is no one size fits all solution, but a little bit of time and effort in the testing process will reap significant dividends, and potentially improve your standard of life. Although many men hate the thought of using incontinence pads or any of the other products discussed below, it is essential to focus on the positive aspects that these can bring to your life; no more embarrassing leakages, freedom to go out and enjoy life again, and increased confidence to name but a few.

Use these products to reclaim your life and move forward, don’t let incontinence beat you.

Incontinence Pads

For many women, wearing pads is something they have become accustomed to since puberty, and so the switch to incontinence pads for a lady is relatively small.

For men, on the other hand, it is a totally different experience and one that many men find difficult to come to terms with, however, there are significant benefits for men using male incontinence pads, these include;

  • Prevention of leakage onto clothing
  • Prevention of odour control issues
  • Prevention of skin irritation and chaffing
  • Increase confidence

Generally speaking, the type of product you choose will be linked to the severity of the problem.

Padded Drip Collector

This is a sheath that fits over the penis. It is made of a highly absorbent material, it comfortable to wear, and is one of the best incontinence products for men that suffer from sporadic leakage or dribbling.

Incontinence Pad

Very similar to the sanitary towels that your wife or partner may use, these pads can be put into your underwear, secured with a strip of mild glue and quickly and easily disposed of once used. This option is best suited for people suffering from mild incontinence. There are many incontinence pads specifically designed for men which are shaped for the male anatomy.

Absorbent Underwear

If the problem is more severe, then the best option may be absorbent underwear. There are different types of underwear, Absorbent Male Underwearsome of which fall into the category of male washable incontinence products. The absorbent underwear can also be bought as disposable All-In-Ones or disposable pull-up pants that are often a convenient solution.

Different patients prefer different products, and for men who don’t like the thought of using pads or a sheath, absorbent underwear may be the best solution on the market today. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different male incontinence products, comfort and ease of use are just as important as absorbancy rates; the priority is to find the product that best suits your lifestyle.

For some men, the very idea of using absorbent products fills them with dread; many men compare it to wearing a nappy, and if you fall into this category, there are alternative options available.

An External Catheter

Don’t panic although the name and function are the same, an external catheter is worlds apart from the catheter you may have been fitted within the hospital directly after any operation down below. That is because the tube which drains the liquid does not go into the urethra. Think of this device as more like a condom with a pipe on the end.

The condom is rolled over the end of the penis, and then whenever the wearer urinates, the urine is drained away down the tube, into a bag. This device is predominantly worn at night in bed, with the most important thing being that the condom fits the penis well ensuring a seal, otherwise, leaks can occur.

Bed Pads

Another option for people who suffer from incontinence at night is to put incontinence pads on top of the mattress, but underneath the bed sheet, or on the various seats where the sufferer regularly sits.

These pads absorb liquids and prevent the mattress or other furniture items from being stained by urine. Once they have become wet, they can be easily removed and disposed of by wrapping them in a plastic bag and then leaving them in an external bin. Or, washable pads can be bought, which when they become wet can easily be machine washed.

Portable Urinals

Another option is the equivalent of a portable urinal system. These small plastic containers are shaped to accommodate the shape of a penis. As and when the person wants to go to the toilet, rather than having to find a public loo, or make it to their own loo before an accident occurs, the portable urinal could be the perfect alternative.

The portable urinal has a container on the bottom of the device which collects the urine safely and then allows it to be securely stored until a public bathroom can be found.

As you can see, there are a vast array of options available depending on personal preferences, and when used properly, these devices can bring a sparkle back into someone’s life.

No longer are they scared to venture outdoors, while their confidence slowly ebbs away. Don’t be shy, give at least one of these men's incontinence products a try today, and don't let incontinence rule your life.