Which Products Are Best For You - Reusable or Throwaway?

07 April 2017

There are many challenges in everyday life that everyone has to deal with. Depending on your personality and your personal attitude to problems you can either let them rule your life, or you can tackle each problem head on and retain control over your life and destiny.

Rubbish Bin

For many people, incontinence can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and even the strongest of people can feel tempted to give in, accept their fate and let negativity win.

Here at Apogium, we believe that incontinence, while certainly an inconvenience does not have to be a life changing problem, and in many instances the minute you make the decision to find a solution for your problem, you are taking the first step towards reclaiming your life.

When dealing with incontinence, the choice of disposable or washable products can take on a much larger significance than you might ever have previously imagined. There are many things that you need to take into consideration before making that final decision, and the first and possibly most important factor is comfort.

The problem with incontinence is that so many people become focused on the issues, such as leakage, odour or staining. Clearly this is understandable, and there are a number factors that you need to take into consideration, but your comfort must be the primary focus.

Never forget that whatever option you choose, incontinence products are designed to help and there should never be a situation where you are feeling uncomfortable. Regardless of how fantastic a product is for absorption, protection and odour retention, you need to feel comfortable and confident wearing them.

After all, you will most likely be wearing some form of pad for maybe 18 hours a day, every day, and that’s a lot of time to feel uncomfortable.

Before you make any permanent decision, take your time and test out various options on the marketplace. Even if you have a preconceived preference for one type or the other, your choices may narrow if you struggle to tolerate your preferred option.

You might find that you prefer one type of product whilst you are at home and another when you are out or away on holiday.

All forms of incontinence products have improved drastically in recent years, with new lines being introduced specifically for men and women. These advancements mean that it is now easier to target specific areas dependent on your gender and many people report that the overall experience is much better. There are even varying levels of absorbency, so there are lots of opportunities to find the right product for you.

Disposable Pads


  • Convenience – Whenever you finish with a pad, you can simply throw it away; you do not have to go through the hassle and inconvenience of washing your pads.
  • Higher Absorbency – Disposable pads come in a wide variety of sizes and absorbency levels providing much more choice than reusable pads.


  • Cost – Unfortunately as with most things in life, convenience comes at a price, so expect to pay more if you decide to go down the disposable route.
  • Not So Environmentally Friendly – Because you are throwing these pads away after one use, they are not the best choice for those concerned with the environment.

Washable Pads


  • Reduced Cost – Although the initial cost may be more expensive, it won’t take long to recover your initial expense and over time you will certainly save money.
  • More Comfortable – These products tend to be manufactured from natural products such as cotton, which means that for most people they are more comfortable to wear.


  • Having To Wash The Products – In most instances rather than have wet urine stained products sitting in your wash pile, the best option is to hand wash your underwear. Some people might find the prospect of this rather unappealing.
  • Drying The Products Can Be Difficult – Once wet, by their very nature these products are designed to absorb liquid, so getting them dry after washing can take some time. Some people may also feel embarrassed about either drying them on a clothes horse indoors, when visitors arrive, or hanging them up outside on the line to dry. Although some products can be tumble dried, for the same reasons this can prove an expensive option due to the sheer volume of water they absorb.
Doing washing

Before making any decision, our advice would be to tackle this situation with an open mind, and without any pre-conceived ideas. Try as many different options as possible, and ensure that the option you choose is comfortable over time.

Remember that for the vast majority of people, incontinence can be treated successfully, and so whatever option you choose, this may only be for a relatively short period of time. When all is said and done, choosing your incontinence products need not be a life changing decision, but there is still merit in taking your time and finding the best solution for you.

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